Inspire: Arouse by divine influence
Inspire: To breath life into, to inhale. 
Inspire: To stimulate action

Inspire:  My wife Jan and I are breast cancer survivors.  I can say that right? I mean, If Jan can claim that WE mulched the yard and WE moved all the heavy landscape rocks from the front of the house to the backyard then WE are breast cancer survivors.  Our 3 kids were 8 months, 2 & 4 (now 7,9 & 11). How did WE do it? Who took care of Jan all day while I went to work? The baby? Got the kids ready for school and picked them up? Groceries? Laundry? How long did we need help? 

Strength, Courage and Faith. Breast cancer is a battle that no one should go through alone.  WE needed each other.....WE needed family, friends, neighbors. Some "perspective" I now realize is that people need people during turbulent times.  WE needed everyone that supported us....many of which I did not even know. Our experience does not define us, but reflection does give us perspective. Some day you may need support or be needed by your family, friends or neighbors.  You may be needed now. Many great woman, young and old; moms; daughters and sisters have and will battle breast cancer. For those that leave us too early, let their exhale be the breath of life we inhale and inspire us to support others in their loving spirit. Fight for those that need help fighting. Be the footsteps in the sand. You may find perspective in the process and may just be inspired.  Jan and I (WE) were meant for each other. I really don't see getting through that time possible with anyone else. She inspires me with her strength, her beauty, the twinkle in her eye, her capacity to give...Jan is Genuine ( t-shirts to follow). So yes, WE are breast cancer survivors and WE did mulch the yard. It is in giving that you will receive. Hope to see you at the F.A.B. 5K.