Friday, June 8, 2012

Seize the Day

Written by: Jenny Parr

I am happy and fortunate to report that my mom, Sandy Parr, is approaching the 2 ½ year mark of remission! Although Sandy’s battle with breast cancer was the most difficult time in both her and her family’s lives, she has triumphed with a newfound “seize-the day” attitude. So much so, that this past year Sandy has been fortunate enough to pursue her dreams of traveling to New Zealand, driving to Colorado, going hot air ballooning, and even has planned to complete her first “mini” triathlon in mid June! Sandy is truly an incredible woman, mother, wife, and friend.

Although I am blessed to speak so positively of Sandy’s health, I have been reminded very much of how suddenly cancer can spread its poison. This past year, my best friend’s mom, as well as my dad’s aunt, have been affected by breast cancer. Both women have consequently had to undergo chemotherapy, radiation, and double mastectomies.  While we are constantly reminded of the hardships cancer plagues on women, we must never forget to seize the day with strength, confidence, and courage. I <3 You Mom

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