Friday, June 1, 2012

Inspiration Updates – Part 1

Because the energy of the F.A.B. 5k is driven by all of our inspirations both past and present, we wanted to provide some quick updates on these wonderful women.  Read on!

Tiffany Majors
I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago around my 29th birthday. The last two years have been a somewhat of a blur, with 4 surgeries, various embryo banking/IVF procedures, 5 months of chemo and 33 radiation treatments. As tough as the last two years were though, I somehow feel extremely lucky. I feel lucky that I was able to overcome such a difficult time. I feel lucky that I got (and still get) to see the absolute best come out in all of my friends, family, colleagues and other supporters. And most of all, I feel lucky that I was able to realize what’s really important in life. I’m happier today than I have ever been and plan to continue smiling for many years to come.  Thank you ALL for your support, especially my wonderful friend, Heather!
From Heather Albright, Tiffany's friend:  I cannot comprehend everything Tiffany has gone through over the past two years and is still going through, but as a friend it is so wonderful to see how she has been able to put the experience behind her and move on with her life.  Tiffany has always been someone who lights up the room when she enters it and who people gravitate towards, and it is such a relief to see that breast cancer did not change that one bit! Love you Tiff!
Christine Campbell
My Mom is a three time breast cancer survivor over the course of now 20 years, with her last treatment for Invasive Ductal Carcinoma completed in Spring 2010. Since that time, Mom has been on the road back to health – ramping up her walking routine, joining the local gym, growing out her beautiful blonde locks, tending to her vegetable and perennial gardens and enjoying the early years of semi-retirement with my Dad.   I know Mom is so happy to feel healthy again, but I realize for her there is always a slight undercurrent of ‘could this happen again?’  I can tell that Mom does not let this thought bother her, though, because she lives her life full steam ahead! 
I do have a great story to share.  Since her last treatment two years ago, Mom and Dad have been able to fit in three awesome cruise vacations.  One of which was to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on a 10 night European Cruise.   On one of their shore excursions, Mom and Dad were walking in some of the village towns on the coast of Italy.  The sidewalks and paths are not too smooth and as a result Mom took pretty brutal fall – enough to have the bone break through skin on her hand.  A rather ugly injury for a vacation in a foreign country.  Mom and Dad made their way back to the Cruise ship hospital.  Once the doctor examined it there, he was surprised they did not try to find onshore hospital because of the extent of the injury.  Mom and Dad did not want to miss a minute of their vacation and besides, what is a little hand injury compared to cancer – Nothing.  Mom was raring to go see the Vatican the next day – there was nothing that would stop her from seeing that.  A part of me has to think that her experience with Breast Cancer has given my Mom more of a ‘can-do’ attitude – which is awesome and I admire that.

Mom will be joining us again the 3rd annual F.A.B. 5k – taking her 7th grandchild for a 5k stroller ride. Here’s to many more beautiful cruises, Mom….I love you!

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