Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh The Places Noreen Goes...

2012’s F.AB. 5k finds my good friend Noreen still in the battle.  However, this has not stopped her.  I have called or texted her this year to find her traveling to San Diego with her family, off on a cruise, hiking in the forest, or heading into the city for treatment, yet again. She is active in her son’s classroom when she can.  In other word’s, she is balancing.  Balancing the world of motherhood with the world of chemotherapy.  Noreen writes in her CaringBridge page that despite her setbacks this year she feels "stronger than ever":
“Funny thing though. I have never felt stronger.
Despite all the bad news, chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatments and procedures, I am standing and I am fighting. It is truly amazing to me that while I surely cannot leap tall buildings, I am able to endure the punches from such a formidable foe.”
Noreen continues to fight and continues to live life.   She will be at the 2012 F.A.B. 5k with her family. Noreen is an inspiration to me everyday and everyday I am proud to say she is my friend!

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