Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Team's Top Ten Reasons to Sign up for the F.A.B. 5k

10. The opportunity to show breast cancer survivors how much we love and support them by coming out and showering them with all the positive energy to be had at the F.A.B. 5K. Just ask anyone who's participated before - it can't be beat!

9. The right to wear a very cool looking t-shirt we have designed for 2012!

8. It is a great excuse to buy a new pair of Running Shoes – check out our new sponsor – Dick Pond - for these!

7. Awesome pink ribbon Wrightsocks.

6. Witness for yourself the 100 best 5K volunteers in the world (by our estimate) who make the F.A.B. 5k possible! Over 100 people come out to help us on the day of the race and approximately 3/4 (or more) of the volunteers have been with us since the first year.

5. Running or walking a 5k is a great fitness goal. It is also a wonderful opportunity to share the benefits of an active lifestyle with your kids.

4. Hot Lou Malnati’s Pizza at the Finish line!

3. Fantastic race day raffle prizes!

2. A chance to spend time with your friends, family and neighbors on a beautiful Sunday morning in June.

1. To make an impact in this battle, carrying the hope that one day there will be a cure by raising funds for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It’s just one small thing we can do to feel ‘in-control’ of an ‘out-of-control’ situation.

Join us on June 10th!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Why, you ask?

Believe me, I've asked myself that same question about this same time for the last three years. Why all the time spent meeting, getting sponsors, food, raffle sponsors and even participants? I always come up with the same answer. I do for this for my MOM, Bonnie's SISTERS, Kelly's MOM, Lesley's MOM, SARAH and so many MORE! I do this because I don't want anyone else to have to go through what we've all experienced. The pain, heartbreak, the feeling of being able to do nothing but watch. There has to be something we can do and that is what the four of us are doing. WE are raising money for the foundation we believe, and Sarah believed, can make a difference. Even if it's ONE person, ONE life at a time.

The four of us were brought together for a reason. We became running partners for a reason. We all went throught watching a loved one battle breast cancer for a reason. This is what the four of us were meant to do together.

I kind of look at it like this. People always say that after having one child why would you ever do that again. Endure pregnancy and labor and delivery. The answer is because the outcome far out weighs anything else. After each race the outcome is way too awesome to not do it again. So, here we are doing it again and again the outcome is going to be awesome!