Tuesday, June 5, 2012

52 5k's for a Cure!

All it takes is one person to ignite inspiration….and Melissa Preston has done that for me in the last week.  The F.A.B. 5k received an email from Gordon Carter, Melissa’s boyfriend, a week ago.  Gordon introduced us to Melissa and her quest of raising money for the American Cancer Society.  In late 2011, Melissa devised a plan to run 52 5k’s in 2012.  As Melissa pledged to run these 5k’s, she matched the entry fee as a donation to the American Cancer Society and has encouraged her family and friends to do the same.  As of June 1st, she has run 23 5k’s across the U.S. and even abroad.  Melissa has almost reached her initial goal of raising $10,000 and because of this, she has decided to up the ante for the races on the back half of the year and go for $20,000 in 2012!  We are thrilled she has decided to join us for her 25th 5k at the F.A.B. 5k on June 10th!

I was able to speak with Melissa for few minutes and get the back story....

Melissa had a chance encounter to start up her running career in 2011.  While she was walking with a friend, they walked into a 5k in progress.  Thinking why not join in the fun, they joined the race for a bit and enjoyed the experience.  Melissa picked up running shortly after that and dove in head first into the 52 5k’s plan.  What inspired Melissa to do this was her experience of a number of friends being directly impacted by cancer:  “It starts to hit home in your thirties when virtually all of your friends have been touched by cancer in one way or another in their lives – it’s exhausting.  And I was determined to find a way to make a bigger impact instead of small donations here and there”.

Melissa lives in Reston, Virginia and she travels frequently for work, so she is fitting these races in wherever she geographically can.  Each 5k is run in someone’s honor and you will find Melissa posing with her friends and family post race for a photograph with a poster that states the race number and who she has run it for.  And an Irish pub is usually sought out for post race refreshments.  The F.A.B. 5k team recommended Peggy Kinnane’s  for this one ;)!

If you are interested in learning more about Melissa’s adventure, check out her fundraising page:
Or her facebook community page –’52 5k’s for a Cure’

We look forward to meeting you on race day, Melissa!  Congratulation on your efforts to date and we wish you the best of luck for the rest of 2012!

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